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A Little Holistic Oasis A Stress Management Consultancy in Surbiton, Surrey

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The Stress Response - Good or Bad?

The stress response or fight, flight and freeze - The primitive, automatic response to perceived harm, danger or threat.
When our brain perceives that we in some kind of mortal danger, it triggers a chain of physical changes that will help to save us. Chemicals and hormones flood our system that prepare us to fight or flee.

So, for acute, real danger, the stress response or fight, flight and freeze is great - it is just what we need to get us out of danger but, it is not what we need for chronic or long term, non life threatening situations - or when we are overwhelmed, worried, stressed or anxious.

What we need is something that can switch off the stress response, and return our body to normal, healthy function.

The Stress Specialist. RS

The Relaxation Response .. How can that help us?

The relaxation response is the polar opposite of the stress response - it reverses the physical changes caused by stress and, helps to return the body to a healthy state.

Relaxation is not a luxury ~ Relaxation is an essential tool in strengthening our personal resilience!

How can A Little Holistic Oasis help?

As a Stress and Wellbeing Consultant, I provide a range of mindful therapies, stress management & resilience training programmes, Relax Kids and Just Relax Coaching sessions.

I have a whole host of resources that can help you to reduce those stress symptoms and help to return your body to a healthy state.

Combining specialist therapies including Mindful Reflexology, Reiki, Facial Reflexology and Zone Facelift, together with the 7 step Relax Kids/Just Relax coaching principles, can be really effective in supporting those clients with stress, anxiety and depression.
Empowering you to recognise your own stress and, giving you the tools to help yourself. Including breathing exercises, affirmations and visualisations. Helping you to help yourself.

Incorporating Relax Kids and Just Relax Coaching principles, and working with children and adults to reduce stress and promote relaxation, can help to increase motivation, confidence and self-esteem.

Drawing on all suitable resources, each client's programme is bespoke and matches their own requirements exactly. The right therapy is agreed upon and training and coaching elements are carefully considered at each session.


THE STRESSBUSTER - 60 minutes - Combined Therapy and Coaching session - £75

THE SUPER STRESSBUSTER - 90 minutes - Combined therapy and coaching session - £100

THE ULTIMATE STRESSBUSTER - 120 minutes - Combined therapy and coaching session - £125

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