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ZONE FACELIFT - Naturally Lifts Your Spirit and Your Zest For Life!

We should not define ourselves or, indeed judge ourselves by how we look ~ but, undoubtedly, our confidence and self-esteem is higher when we feel good about ourselves.

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Do you want to look and feel fresh, bright and brimming with confidence?

Do you want to feel rejuvenated, energised, healthy and happy?

Do you want to look and feel younger .. From the inside out?

Do you want to experience a beautiful, healthy inner glow?

Do you want to reduce the pain and impact of stress induced headaches and migraines?

Then look no further ~ I am absolutely delighted to be offering this amazing new holistic experience at A Little Holistic Oasis, in Surbiton, Surrey.

I have been trained by Ziggie Bergman, the renowned and award winning developer of the Bergman Facial Reflexology system and Zone Facelift therapy.
Ziggie Bergman teaches her unique methods across the globe and I have been lucky enough to be among one of the first Zone Facelift Practitioners to be trained, qualified and accredited in the UK.

The Bergman Facial Reflexology and Zone Facelift therapies are totally unique. Having lived with native American tribes in New Mexico, Ziggie developed her therapies by incorporationg some of their traditional healing methods, as well as some of the very best and most effective Japanese facelift massage and Asian body mapping techniques.
Incorporating healing visualisations and the use of facial tools including facial rollers, Chinese facial Gua sha, facial cupping and quartz crystals are incorporated to lift the spirit and promote deep inner healing.
Natural herbs including sage smudging can also be used to cleanse and purify the spirit.

Bergman Facial Reflexology and the Zone Facelift experience can have an amazing impact on reducing pain and tension associated with stress induced headaches and migraines.
The combined therapy is a profoundly spiritual experience that promotes deep relaxation and clears our minds of muddle and confusion and, it can leave you with an inner and outer glow that inspires self-confidence and positivity from within.

Bergman Facial Reflexology and Zone Facelift therapies are deeply holistic healing experiences ~ the effects can be profound and uplifting and affect all levels of our being ~ the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Zone FaceLift & Facial Reflexology. Face Massage

The benefits of this wonderful therapy are endless and include:

  • A deeply relaxing therapy that can have profound healing effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
  • The relief of stress and tension and, the reduction of symptoms of headaches, migraine, sinus problems, insomnia, IBS and many other stress related conditions.
  • Release of tension from our facial muscles can leave us looking and feeling fresher, brighter and energised.
  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from within.
  • Naturally tightens, tones and sculpts the neck and jawlines.
  • Naturally lifts the face and smooths wrinkles and frown lines.
  • Removes facial puffiness by naturally removing toxins and excess fluid from the facial tissues.
  • By removing muscle tension in the face, the treatment lifts and tightens the facial muscles, making you look and feel happier.... and younger!

      "A contender for London's best facial treatment. Afterwards my eyes were brighter, my cheekbones sharper, my brows less furrowed"Sarah Vine. Beauty Editor


If you feel that you would like to experience the natural, anti-ageing benefits of the Zone Facelift, as well as the deeply holistic healing benefits, then this treatment is for you!

Incorporating a holistic facial treatment using hot towels and organic facial products, facial reflexology to balance you energetically and promote deep relaxation and the Zone Facelift advanced facial massage to lift, sculpt and reduce facial puffiness, the full Zone Facelift is an absolute healing treat and, will have long lasting physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

The Zone FaceLift is being hailed as a credible alternative to Botox, with internal benefits to boot! Hip & Healthy

The rejuvenating and face enhancing benefits of the Zone Facelift can be seen in just one session. I have heard clients refer to the treatment as "like a workout for the face".
For the full holistic and age defying experience with long lasting results, the 12 week Zone FaceLift programme is a must! With three programmes to choose from, the sessions can be tailored to suit you!

Zone FaceLift & Facial Reflexology. GoldReal

Every client booking into one of our programmes will receive a complementary Chinese Facial Gua Sha tools that they may use between sessions. Just one minute a day can enhance the effects of the treatment and make the effects last even longer. A full demonstration will be given on the correct use of this amazingly simple, yet, effective tool.

I am 8 weeks into my 12 week Gold Programme and my skin feels so soft and fresh. I have had a lot of compliments from friends and colleagues asking what I have done to my face as my skin looks so young! I add some Reiki into my sessions and I really feel happy inside when I finish each session. I go home smiling and feel refreshed for days afterwards.
I am so pleased with the results so far of the Zone facelift - Thank you Erica. Jenny (Gold Programme)

Zone FaceLift & Facial Reflexology. Male facelift

PRICES FOR INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (Combination Facial Reflexology & Zone FaceLift Massage)

The complete Zone Facelift Therapy is inclusive of a holistic Facial Reflexology and Zone Facelift advanced Facial Massage.

If you wish to include a Holistic Facial element to your Zone Facelift Therapy, comprising hot towels and natural and organic facial products, please add an additional fee of £10.

30 Minutes - Facial Reflexology OR Zone Facelift Massage Taster - £35
30 Minutes - Holistic Facial treatment - £40

45 Minutes - Facial Reflexology +/or Zone Facelift Massage - £55

60 Minutes - Zone Facelift Therapy - £75

75 Minutes - Zone Facelift Therapy - £85

90 Minutes - Zone Facelift Therapy including Foot Reflexology or Reiki - £95

Please contact Erica to discuss all your requirements. I really do want to make this a wonderful experience for you and want to meet all your expectations, so please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the right programme for you.

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