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RELAX KIDS at A Little Holistic Oasis!

Relax Kids Coach. RKALHO

I am thrilled and excited to bring Relax Kids to A Little Holistic Oasis.

Ever since I made the decision to extend my skills and enter into the training and coaching field, I realised that there was a larger audience out there that could be inspired into being happy, healthy and positive.

It is not just as adults that we need inspiring and encouraging. If we are given the tools as children to be happy, healthy and positive, then we can strengthen our resilience to stress and other obstacles from a young age.

What can Relax Kids do to help?

Relax Kids is a 7 step programme that teaches children how to feel calm, focused and relaxed. It helps build physical and mental resilience, as well as understanding emotional intelligence. It teaches children energy and emotional self-regulation techniques, which help to increase intelligence, creativity and calm.

The Relax Kids 7 step classes include movement, games, stretching, peer massage, breathing, affirmations and visualisations.

Relax Kids Coach. 7 steps

How can the Relax Kids programme help my children?

Each of the Relax Kids 7 steps has very important benefits in building the physical, mental and emotional capacity in children..

MOVEMENT ~ Warm up exercises increase adrenaline, increase heart rate and blood flow to the muscles preparing the body for fun and adventure

GAMES ~ Fun and relaxation games produce feel good chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, promoting happiness, contentment and positive emotional wellbeing. It encourages creativity, imagination and learning.

STRETCHING ~ Stretching slows you down - it reduces heart rate, breathing rate and boosts concentration and focus.

PEER MASSAGE ~ Enhances the effects of the stretching and helps relax muscle tension.

BREATHE ~ Encouraging deep breathing increases oxygen uptake, slows breathing and promotes calm , stillness and peace.

BELIEVE ~Positive affirmations have been scientifically proven to increase motivation, commitment and attention. It can literally rewire our brain, so that we can think positively, so combatting the effects of negative emotions

VISUALISATIONS ~Promotes relaxation and calm. They increase endorphin levels - feel good chemicals, and they increase creativity and imagination and help encourage sleep.

Relax Kids Coach. Good children

Who can Relax Kids help?

Relax Kids can actually benefit almost everybody. It promotes discussion and awareness of emotions, behaviours and how to control them. By giving children the tools to recognise and manage their emotions and behavior, it can empower them to be in control of their own happiness and positivity.

I specialise in providing 1 to 1 sessions and family group sessions, and also have experience of providing resilience workshops in schools.

For more details on Relax Kids, please check out the website www.relaxkids.com or contact Erica at A Little Holistic Oasis.
As a Relax Kids Coach, Erica is qualified, licensed and insured to carry out all Relax Kids and Just Relax sessions.

Relax Kids Coach. RK is

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