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The Connection Between HeartMath and Stress Transformation

HeartMath is the single, most important concept in Stress Transformation that I have come across in years. The key principles are simple to understand and the exercises can be incorporated into everyday life easily.

Once we understand what is actually happening to our physiology when we are under stress, the desire to transform our physical and emotional state and, to find a solution to the challenges that we experience, becomes a more achievable goal.

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The HeartMath programme utilises a unique and innovative biofeedback system that demonstrates, in real time, how our emotions affect our physical health by mapping our Heart Rate Variability - or our heart rhythms. Our heart rate variability is a really useful indication of our state of health, both physically and emotionally, and being able to see this can be really helpful.

Understanding how this information affects our physical, mental and emotional equilibrium can help us to seek ways to recreate balance and, when we combine this knowledge and understanding with the coaching principles, our ambition and goals become a lot more attainable.

Utilise simple relaxation techniques to improve your physical and emotional health
Build, strengthen and sustain your resilience
Improve your own health and wellbeing
Reduce and manage your stress
Optimise your performance
Achieve success

5 Session Programme ~ £425
Single Session ~ £85

I have a whole host of resources that can help you to reduce those stress symptoms and help to return your body to a healthy state.

Stress Transformation or Heartmath Coaching is a really positive and effective way of supporting those clients with stress and anxiety, and can help build motivation, confidence and self-esteem.
Empowering you to recognise your own stress and, giving you the tools to self-regulate and help yourself in the moment.
Helping you to help yourself.

Drawing on all suitable resources, each client's programme is bespoke and matches their own requirements exactly.

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The Unique Heart~Brain Communication

As a Certified HeartMath Coach, I work daily to incorporate the beneficial HeartMath research into my own life as well as my work. Understanding the role that the heart plays in building resilience and, that there is a unique two-way communication between the heart and the brain has helped me to understand that we are not just functioning from our heads and, that the heart plays a far larger role in how the brain works and how it affects performance, as well as health.
To be functioning optimally, we need to have a true balanced, dynamic two-way dialogue between the heart and the brain and, that when we have that ideal balance, we are said to be in COHERENCE.

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I trained in March 2018 to become a Certified Heartmath Coach and, I am truly delighted to be sharing with clients, how HeartMath principles can help to help you to self-regulate your inner energetic and emotional landscape, enabling you to manage stress levels, build, strengthen and sustain your inner resilience and in doing so, increase your clarity, focus, creativity and drive.

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