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A Little Holistic Oasis A Stress Management Consultancy in Surbiton, Surrey

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Transforming Stress into Resilience

When we are experiencing stress, we are literally fizzing with energy .. hormones and chemicals are coursing through us and all kinds of physiological changes are taking place inside us.
Transforming our stress into resilience, ensures that the energy that is building within us, is a positive renewing energy and not something that is going to deplete or drain us.

Understanding that you do have some control over your physical, mental and emotional equilibrium can help you to seek ways to create balance and improve your wellbeing.

Identify the causes of your stress.
Understand how your emotions are linked to your physical health
Understand how stress affects your behaviour and attitudes
Identify stress in yourself and others
See how stress can affect your productivity
Find ways to manage and reduce your stress
Find ways to build, strengthen and sustain your resilience
Improve your own health and wellbeing
Achieve success

5 Session Programme ~ £425
Single Session ~ £85

I have a whole host of resources that can help you to reduce those stress symptoms and help to return your body to a healthy state.

The Stress Transformation Programme is a really positive and effective solution in supporting those clients with stress and anxiety, and can help build motivation, confidence and self-esteem.
Empowering you to recognise your own stress and, giving you the tools to self-regulate and help yourself in the moment.
Helping you to help yourself.

Drawing on all suitable resources, each client's programme is bespoke and matches their own requirements exactly.

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I trained in March 2018 to become a Certified HeartMath Stress Transformation Coach and, I am truly delighted to be sharing with clients, how you can learn to to self-regulate your inner energy reserves, enabling you to manage stress levels, build, strengthen and sustain your inner resilience and in doing so, increase your clarity, focus, creativity and drive.

Stress Transformation. Balance

Stress Transformation. Perfect balance

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