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Stress Management and Resilience Workshops - why are they important?

In 2016/17, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recorded 12.5 million absentee days due to Stress, Anxiety and Depression - that was 49% of all absentee days recorded, having a huge negative impact on deadlines, employee relationships and costing the economy millions in lost revenue.

If left unacknowledged and untreated, stress can lead to more serious illness physically and psychologically, ultimately leading to negative effect on the growth and vitality of a business or organisation.

Understanding the causes of stress and having the resources to tackle the problems surrounding stress within a company, can have a hugely positive impact on efficiency and profitability.

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What can A Little Holistic Oasis do to help?

Erica at A Little Holistic Oasis, provides a service where, working together, we can tackle these issues and offer a opportunity to provide a positive focus for the welfare of your workforce.

Reducing the physical and psychological effects of stress at work can:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Boost staff morale
  • Boost creativity, intelligence and decision making skills
  • Boost concentration, focus and clarity
  • Improve motivation and drive
  • Improve active engagement in projects and task completion.
  • Improve staff retention figures
  • Reduce presenteeism

- all resulting in an overall positive effect on the growth and vitality of your organisation.

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Stress Management and Resilience Training Workshops

Having trained with and, gained ILM accreditation in Stress Management Training with The Stress Management Society, I now work closely with them delivering training workshops to their clients as well as my own.

I am also a Certified HeartMath Coach - having trained with the HeartMath Institute, specialising in Stress Transformation and building Resilience .

Understanding how important the transformation of stress into resilience is, to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your workforce, is key in understanding how to work WITH your workforce to improve performance.

I have delivered sessions to schools, charities and wellbeing days within organisations, including the NHS, Cap Gemini and Heathrow.

A Little Holistic Oasis provides training programmes and workshops aimed at all employees, including line managers:

  • Individuals with one to one sessions
  • Small and medium size organisations
  • Large Corporate organisations
  • Line manager training - training managers to recognise and deal with stress in their teams.

Stress Transformation Training workshops can be delivered to the Workplace and Organisations, Schools, Colleges and Universities to:

Reduce Stress
Build, strengthen and sustain resilience
Empower higher performance
Increase engagement
Enjoy increased success in business
Enjoy increased exam success
Be happier, healthy and motivated.

Please contact Erica at A Little Holistic Oasis to book your Stress Transformation Training Workshops today - and enjoy watching your workforce grow .

A Little Holistic Oasis can offer a whole range of services that can be incorporated into an organisational wellbeing day including:

Stress Monitoring utilising HeartMath biofeedback technology
Stress Awareness Training Workshops
Managers Managing Stress Training Workshops
Just Relax Coaching session - giving your staff tools to increase their resilience to stress.
Workplace Therapy programmes.

If you are planning a wellbeing event in your organisation, please contact Erica, Stress Transformation Consultant, at A Little Holistic Oasis today, and see what she can do to help you, help you and your employees.

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Workplace Massage Therapy for Staff Wellbeing

A Little Holistic Oasis also specialises in the provision of practical stress management solutions in the form of short, clothed sessions in Chair Massage and Power Reflexology. Taking no longer than 15-20 minutes, these treatments can be employed to ease headaches, eyestrain and other musculo-skeletal issues such as back, shoulder and neck pain. If these physical issues are left long term, they can result in stress, anxiety and depression.

By providing an in-house workplace massage therapy service, it can reduce the amount of staff members taking time out of work

Incorporating workplace massage therapies into stress management programmes can be a great way of offering employee incentives and can prove to be a great health maintenance resource.

A short Chair Massage can reduce blood pressure and heart rate as well as reduce tension in tight muscles. It can reduce stress, improve sleep and boost the immune system - with the added benefit of reducing sick days.

Please contact me to find out what I can do to help you and your organisation.

The Last Word .....

"When employees aren't hurting and aren't stressed, they are more able to focus on job related tasks"
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2012

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