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A Little Holistic Oasis A Stress Management Consultancy in Kingston Upon Thames

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REIKI - A perfectly natural energy healing therapy

Reiki is a natural energy healing therapy that originated in Japan. "Reiki" literally translates as "Universal Life Energy" that refers to the energy that resides in all of us. If this life force or energy becomes sluggish or blocked and cannot flow freely, we become ill.

Other traditional eastern medicine beliefs and practices are based on the same or similar systems of energy pathways and life force or Qi, Ki, or Prana.

Reiki. REIKI

A wonderfully safe and comforting therapy!

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive and comforting form of healing, and works by boosting and balancing the flow of energy in the body, creating an equilibrium within the nervous system and promoting a more balanced state of health. It promotes physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual balance and maintains wellbeing on a very deep level.

It works especially well if suffering from low mood, depleted energy or depression. As one of my clients reported after a Reiki session, "It feels like someone has pressed a reset button, and given me an amazing boost of energy

REIKI FEE - 45 minutes - £40 // 60 minutes - £50

Not just for people...

I also provide Reiki treatments to help all animals: Reiki is hugely comforting for animals who truly recognise the kindness in healing.

I spent over a year studying for my Animal Healing Diploma with the Healing Animals Organisation and offer Healing, Canine Massage and natural food remedies as an Animal Choices Practitioner.
For more details of my animal healing work and, all it has to offer for rescue animals and our animal companions, please Click here my Animal Healing website www.animalholistics.co.uk


"I visited Erica at A Little Holistic Oasis as I had been quite low due to stress and I had been suffering from a prolonged infection in my leg that had not responded to antibiotics. The pain was debilitating and was beginning to affect me. I felt an almost immediate reduction in pain in my leg and my stress levels were considerably reduced.

"I would say that the treatment acted like a reset button ~ I feel so much more relaxed and, I am able to cope with stresses that inevitably come up ~ things do not faze me anywhere near as much.

"It has changed my outlook for the better and will be seeing Erica again when I need to reset my stress levels".
Alex Whitman (Whitman Fry Wealth Management)

Reiki Healing offered from my Holistic Practice in Surrey. I am based in Surbiton, within easy reach of New Malden and Kingston, Surrey.

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