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Reflexology - A perfect solution in managing our stress symptoms and promoting relaxation.

Reflexology is a wonderfully therapeutic, safe and relaxing experience. If you are looking to reduce your stress and anxiety, and find a way to increase your resilience capacity, then look no further.
Reflexology facilitates the body's own natural healing abilities and works to bring the body into balance. By maintaining an internal equilibrium our body is able to resist illness more effectively and, by working with our immune system we are able to maintain a positive wellbeing.

Reflexology is the perfect way to bring energy and vitality to your day!

Reflexology is not a method for diagnosing or healing illness. It helps to reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of stress and promotes balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. By strengthening our immune system and encouraging the elimination of waste products, our body and our mind work so much more efficiently and, we feel more in control of our health, both mentally and physically. It helps us to be positive, focused and energised and, by working in this way, we can increase our motivation, confidence and self-esteem.

Reflexology - A range of Reflexology treatments on offer to suit your individual needs and preferences!


Reflexology. handandfeet


Reflexology is a truly holistic therapy, working by balancing the whole body, not just a specific area or disease. It is a safe, clothed, non-invasive therapy.
It is most commonly applied to the feet, but can also be applied to the hands and its effects can be increased by working the hands and feet together.
Just ask for a combined hand and foot reflexology session.

Please ask for any of the following to be included in your Reflexology session:
Stress management and resilience building advice
Hot Stones
Therapeutic footbath.

60 minutes ~ £48


Reflexology. Facial Reflex

FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY ~ A wonderful alternative to Foot and Hand Reflexology.

A great alternative if you do not like having your feet touched!
Facial Reflexology has all the balancing effects of foot and hand reflexology, with additional therapeutic advantages.

It is a truly gentle and relaxing therapy and, because we are working directly on both facial reflex and acupressure points, the benefits for helping manage conditions, such as headaches , migraines, eyestrain, jaw and teeth clenching and sinus congestion are highly magnified.
Incorporating gentle facial massage, also helps to reduce facial puffiness and water retention, so it also has some aesthetic advantages, on top of the myriad of therapeutic benefits.

45 minutes - £45
60 minutes ~ £55

Reflexology. Luxuryreflex


75 minutes of a luxury Reflexology session. Ideal if you really need time out to unwind and relax.
Sit down, rest, and soak your feet in a hot water, cleansing footbath - drink a cup of herbal tea and listen to some relaxing music.

Unwind, as the hot water and therapeutic foot salts melt away the pressures of your day.
The heat of the water increases the effectiveness of the reflexology, as the heat allows us to reach the deeper structures of the feet and deeper into the reflex points without applying more pressure. The heat also increases the stress reducing effects, helping to relieve draining fatigue, helping us to relax and sleep better.

75 minutes ~ £60


Reflexology. feetandface


A 90 minute combined foot and facial reflexology session. Each type of reflexology delivers its own unique benefits and, you get the best of both worlds when combining foot and facial reflexology.

The flexibility of deciding which method of foot reflexology ~ balancing, mindful or maternity, or maybe include some Aromareflex, together with the additional therapeutic benefits of the facial reflexology, incorporating facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce facial puffiness and, to help encourage a healthy inner and outer glow.

The two methods combined offer a truly holistic and amazing head to toe experience and will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed, any stressful feelings having melted away.

60 minutes ~ £55
90 minutes ~ £75

Reflexology. Hotstone

HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY ~ a wonderful comforting winter Reflexology treat.

Reflexology incorporating hot stones ~ the heat is a wonderfully soothing and comforting sensation and, is the perfect way to nurture our bodies and ourselves.
The heat of the stones penetrates to a deeper level, influencing a more profound level of physiological change.

It increases the therapeutic effects of the reflexology, promoting a deeper release of tension within the feet and, further increasing the blood circulation and elimination of waste products.
The warmth and comfort of the hot stones, increases the effects of the relaxation response, creating calm, deep relaxation and inner balance.

60 minutes ~ £48

Reflexology. EO

AROMAREFLEX The perfect combination of Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

AromaReflex is the ideal session if you are looking for Reflexology with a beneficial, therapeutic twist. I have been trained to use 18 specific essential oils to promote relaxation, therapeutic balance and wellbeing.
A blend of oils to create hormonal and digestive balance, stress relief or, maybe to help reduce physical aches and pains, there is a suitable combination just for you.
Just ask when you come in, and we can find the best solution to help you find the relief you are looking for.

60 minutes ~ £48

Reflexology. Foot Reflex Side

MINDFUL REFLEXOLOGY ~ Supporting stress, anxiety and depression.

A Reflexology protocol that specialises in balancing the areas of the body that are primarily affected by stress, anxiety and depression. Incorporating some mindful breathing exercises and looking at ways in which we can help to create mental and emotional regulation.

This Mindful Reflexology session includes a free stress reading using the innovative HeartMath biofeedback system. This measures your heart rate variability - or heart rhythms, giving you a good indication of your systems resilience to stress. This reading includes tools to take away to increase your resilience to stress

60 minutes ~ £48


Reflexology. Pregnancy

MATERNITY REFLEXOLOGY~ Supporting the pregnancy journey.

Reflexology is a completely safe and supportive therapy to use throughout the pregnancy journey, from the first trimester, all the way through to labour. It is a wonderfully nurturing therapy and, can help to manage symptoms of common pregnancy issues, such as morning sickness, itching, constipation, swelling of the feet and back ache and can be a well-deserved source of time-out and relaxation.
It is really important at this time to balance your needs alongside the needs of your family, and Reflexology provides an amazing space to do just that.

60 minutes ~ £48


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