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Zone Facelift - naturally lifts your face and your spirit for life

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Are you looking for a therapy that will lift you physically, mentally and emotionally ~ then the Zone Facelift therapy is for you. The Zone Facelift has all the therapeutic benefits of indian head massage and facial reflexology, combined with the all the advantages of advanced facial massage.

The effects of stress and chronic health conditions, alongside the natural process of aging, can create change in your face which can have a negative impact on your confidence and self esteem.

Ageing naturally and gracefully is part of life and, a part of life that we can welcome in its natural time and state.

The Zone Facelift is such a wonderful therapy - it induces a state of deep therapeutic relaxation, which is the perfect state for the release of emotional and physical tension from the muscles, helping to soften lines, and create a freshness and inner and outer glow.

The Zone Facelift however, is way, way more than a facelift. It does, undoubtedly, offer really effective face enhancing benefits. The sheer nature of the advanced facial massage techniques such as, "Galloping Horses" and "Sweeping" massage techniques stimulate collagen and elastin and, promote a nutrient and oxygen boost to the facial tissues, whilst the jade facial Gua Sha tool helps to shape of the facial contours, whilst encouraging drainage of fluid and toxins from the face, reducing facial puffiness.

But the true unique beauty of the Zone Facelift therapy lies in the dynamic combination of the holistic Facial Reflexology together with the skin nourishing benefits of the advanced Facial Massage techniques. There really is nothing quite like it available that combines the two quite so spectacularly.

The Facial Reflexology has a therapeutic and balancing effect on your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing - creating true balance and coherence within us - balancing our nervous and hormonal system and promoting a profound therapeutic relaxation. It is only when our body systems synchronise as one, that we can 'BE' our absolute best. We are able adapt to the constant changes within and around us, and we can achieve that feeling of inner-ease - that feeling where we live our best life, without having to work at it.

The dual effects of facial reflexology and facial massage, naturally transform the face - peeling away layers of long held emotional tension, releasing a radiance and youthfulness.


Zone Facelift. Facial Reflex

Fabulous results can be achieved in one session. The relaxation effects are amazing and the glow you feel from the inside out is profound. I have heard it said that the Zone Facelift is like a workout for the face. The boost of oxygen and nutrients, together with the energetic balance created by the quartz crystals enhance the skin tone, and the removal old emotional tensions that have been stored in the facial muscles just serve to make you look and feel younger and more alive.

The Zone Facelift is a kind, gentle, and natural approach to looking great from the inside out.

However, if you are looking for longer lasting benefits, both mentally and physically, then, consider the 12 week Zone Facelift programme.
12 sessions are recommended within a 4 month period of time, and can truly bring mental and emotional clarity alongside physical change.
The effects are accumulative and, you can begin to understand how your face can reveal what is going on inside of you. The Zone Facelift can help bring profound change as long held physical and emotional tensions are released.

ZONE FACE LIFT FEE ~ Inclusive of Facial Reflexology, Zone Facelift Massage with specialist facial tools and Indian Head Massage
75 minutes ~ £75
To include a Holistic Facial ~ add on £10


  • Reduces the of symptoms of headaches, migraine, sinus problems, Jaw and teeth clenching, insomnia, IBS.
  • Increases clarity and focus and helps to break old behavior patterns.
  • Increases oxygen and nutrients to the facial tissues.
  • Improving muscle tone and elasticity.
  • Release of tension from our facial muscles can leave us looking and feeling fresher, brighter and energised.
  • Removes facial puffiness by naturally removing toxins and excess fluid from the facial tissues.
  • Increases removal of dead skin cells leaving smoother and more even skin tone.
  • Increase in elastin and collagen production helping to smooth lines

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